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Love causes us to act when we see injustice, a hurt, or a need. Love does not allow us to
sit passively by while our communities are devastated by incarceration and violence.

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Recidivism Rate

76% of youth incarcerated in their detention facilities will have a new arrest for a criminal offense within 12 months of their release from custody. Youth who went through the Bronx Connect ATI program had a 17.4% rate.

Recidivism Rate
Recidivism Rate
Success Rate Over
Office of Children
and Family Services
This Number Holds
True After 5 Years From
Initial Mandate

Long-term Success

Successful BronxConnect graduates were re-convicted of a crime at a rate of 40.7% lower than youth incarcerated in NYS OCFS Detention Centers. This success holds true after 5 years of initial mandate with a re-conviction rate 32.8% lower than OCFS. Throughout the 5 years over 73% of these convictions were for misdemeanor charges such as jumping turnstiles and disorderly conduct.

Best Rates in NYC

BronxConnect ATD (Alternative-to-Detention) Program served 1,000 youth since January 2008. We have seen a 7% re-arrest rate, the lowest in NYC, and a 12% remand directly after exit.

Re-Arrest Rate
Lowest in NYC
Remand Directly
After Exit

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