BronxConnect was birthed by the youth organization Urban Youth Alliance. The mother of Urban Youth Alliance, Rev. Faith Brown, loved New York City. She loved the drug addict, she loved the gang member, and she deeply loved the inner city. The roots of Urban Youth Alliance began on the Fox Street in the Bronx in 1970, where drug addiction was prolific. In 1999 when asked by Public/Private Ventures to create a program that brought the strength of the urban church to the epidemic of youth incarceration, the Board of UYA looked to its roots and said “of course.”



The challenge was to find within our own community the solution to this epidemic. Could the youth focused principles of leadership development used with church youth produce the same success with court-involved youth? Could most high-risk youth of our city, with love, mentorship and support, experience lasting change?



We’re a faith-based, community-based program that offers alternatives to detention and incarceration that connect court-involved youth with positive resources in the local community through mentoring relationships to prevent recidivism and address youth-initiated goals in education and employment.



BronxConnect has joined the NYC Cure Violence initiative to bring our successful model of youth development to an entire community. Our Cure Violence work seeks to improving our neighborhoods holistically. Our Advocacy work seek to give members of our communities a vehicle to voice their concerns, experience and knowledge to the leadership of New York City.