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Love causes us to act when we see injustice, a hurt, or a need. Love does not allow us to
sit passively by while our communities are devastated by incarceration and violence.

juvenile justice

Cure Violence


BronxConnect Juvenile Justice

Since 2000, BronxConnect has served 1,900+ youth and young adults in its alternative programs for court-involved high-risk youth. It is the only Bronx-based, faith-based, community-based Alternative-to-Incarceration (ATI) and Alternative-to-Detention (ATD) program serving our community for over 15 years.

The program has won the respect of multiple court-affiliated agencies, including the City of
New York Law Department, the Department of Probation, the Legal Aide Society, the Bronx Defenders, the Judges of the Bronx Supreme, Family and Criminal Courts and the Judges of the Manhattan Supreme and Criminal Court and the Mayor’s Office of the Criminal Justice.

imgBronxConnect participants receive mentoring, tutoring, educational advocacy, court advocacy, leadership development, workforce development, afterschool activities, mental health and social service referrals and wrap-a-round case management.


Community Therapeutic Service

BronxConnect Cure Violence is also providing Community Therapeutic Services to four Cure Violence Sites (Council Members Arroyo, Cabrera, Gibson and King.) These services seek to help the community mourn those lost to gun violence, and seek healing and support. Most importantly we help community members spot serious mental health issues before they escalate.

Employee Readiness

BronxConnect is providing employment readiness to this community via the NYC Department of Probation Justice Plus program. This program offers stipends, resume readiness, community service projects, employment readiness classes, and employment referrals. In our first six months of operation, 5 of our 17 graduates secured employment!

BronxConnect Cure Violence

BronxConnect was selected to lead Council Member Gibson’s East Concourse (44th Precinct) Cure Violence Site. Our Release the Grip site build its strength on those in the community that are already working for change. Violence Interrupters are trained to intervene in conflict before gun violence happens, and partnerships with the “community mayors” will be key to our success. We are also providing Community Therapeutic services by helping the community mourn those lost to gun violence and helping community members spot serious mental health issues before they escalate.

Leadership Training

BronxConnect is providing Leadership Training to three schools via the Cure Violence Department of Education Conflict Mediation contracts (Speaker Mark-Viverito and Council Member Cabrera’s districts.) These 50 middle and high school at-risk youth receive group mentoring and case management for 6 to 12 months. Schools refer these youth due to Superintendent suspensions, truancy, extreme poverty and other high-risk indicators. Yet BronxConnect believes all youth can be challenged to rise to leadership given the right support. This year the group traveled to Washington DC to grant them exposure to our nation’s capitol.


BronxConnect Advocacy

There is power in numbers. BronxConnect is the only Bronx-based youth justice entity that has served youth for 15 years. We are organizing our parents and youth as a voice to the powers of New York City to demand a just system of dealing with youth justice issues. The voices of the thousands of youth and families that have positively affected by BronxConnect need to be heard by the City. We are excited about the launch of this Advocacy arm.