The #Right2RemainSilent campaign is a coalition made up of 100+ community organizations and leaders from across the state in support of the Youth Interrogation bill. This is legislation that requires youth under 18 have the opportunity to consult with counsel prior to police interrogation. Millions of children under the age of 18 have face-to-face contact with police in any given year.

According to the American Bar Association, 90 percent of young people waive their Miranda rights prior to police interrogation. Research by the Prison Policy Initiative further shows that youth are more than three times as likely as adults to falsely confess. In order to remedy this increasingly harmful issue, we are working to pass S.1099A (Bailey) / A.8923A (Joyner) which would:

Mandate counsel be provided to youth under 18 before interrogation occurs.

Ensure consultation cannot be waived by youth or their families.

Establish that any statement obtained in violation of the above cannot be used against the youth at trial.

Join us in the fight to ensure that children’s Miranda rights are protected and minimize the risk of harm arising from false confessions. We call on New York lawmakers to pass the #Right2RemainSilent bill and ensure New York’s youth are protected.

End Unlawful Interrogations
Pass The Youth Interrogation Bill
S.1099A – Bailey/ A.8923A Hevesi

Right Now the Police Can:

  • Interrogate children without their parents or legal guardians present.
  • Lie to children to persuade them to waive their Miranda rights.
  • Question children without telling the youth or their guardians the reason for the questioning.

Changes Under S.1099A/A.8923A

  • Mandate counsel be provided to youth under 18 before interrogation occurs.
  • Consultation with counsel cannot be waived by youth or their families.
  • Any statement obtained in violation of the above cannot be used against the youth at trial.

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Pass Bill S.1099A/A.8923A

The #Right2RemainSilent Coalition

Our Partners

Steering Committee Members

  • BronxConnect (Urban Youth Alliance)
  • The Legal Aid Society
  • The Gathering For Justice
  • Children’s Defense Fund-NY
  • The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice
  • New York State Defenders Association
  • Westchester Children’s Association
  • The Bronx Defenders
  • Good Call

NYS Assembly Support

Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi


Clark, Raga, Simon, Kelles, Dinowitz, Rosenthal L, Burgos, Epstein, Aubry, O’Donnell, Ardila, Zaccaro, Carroll, Lavine, Reyes, Glick, Burdick, Zinerman, Gonzalez-Rojas, Hevesi, Levenberg, Weprin, Mamdani, Anderson, Jackson, Cruz, Hyndman, Forrest, Septimo, Seawright, Bronson, Cunningham, Meeks, Alvarez, Pretlow, Paulin, Dickens, De Los Santos, Bores, Simone

NYS Senate Support

Senator Jamaal Bailey



Coalition Members

  • #LetMyPeopleGoNow!
  • A Little Piece Of Light
  • ALAA
  • Alliance for Quality Education
  • Alliance of Families for Justice
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Antioch Baptist Church
  • Antioch Baptist Church of Corona
  • Black Freedom Project
  • Breaking the Chains Of Your Mind
  • BronxConnect
  • The Bronx Defenders
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • Brooklyn Defender Services
  • The Brotherhood Sister Sol
  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York
  • Center for Appellate Litigation
  • Center for Community Alternatives
  • Center for Disability Rights
  • Center for Family Representation
  • Chautauqua County Public Defender Office
  • Chemung County Public Advocate
  • Chief Defenders Association of New York
  • Children’s Defense Fund-New York
  • The Children’s Law Center
  • Citizens’ Committee for Children
  • Coalition for Homeless Youth
  • Congregation Beth Elohim, Dismantling Racism Team
  • Covenant House New York
  • Daughters4Justice*
  • The Door
  • Drama Club
  • Equality New York
  • Esperanza NY, Inc.
  • Exalt
  • Fair Trials (Americas)
  • Faith @ Work Christian Church
  • Families Together in New York State
  • The Fortune Society
  • 1199SEIU
  • Association of Mexican American Educators Oxnard Chapter
  • Bronx Community Board 3
  • Broome County Public Defenders Office
  • Childrens Aid
  • Childrens Haven A Place of Healing & Hope Inc
  • Citizens Concerned for Children Inc
  • Estelle Driggs Democratic Club
  • Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island
  • Forestdale
  • Fostering Youth Success Alliance
  • Free to Be Youth Project
  • Good Call
  • Freedom Agenda, Urban Justice Center
  • The Gathering for Justice
  • The Gault Center
  • Genesee County Public Defender office
  • Getting Out and Staying Out
  • Girls for Gender Equity
  • Innocence Project
  • The Interfaith Center of New York*
  • JCCA
  • Judah International Christian Center, Inc,
  • Justice For Families
  • Latino Pastoral Action Center, Inc.
  • Lawyers For Children
  • Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Inc.
  • The Legal Aid Society
  • Legal Aid Society of Nassau County
  • The Legal Aid Society of Rochester
  • Legal Aid Society of Westchester County
  • Life Camps Incorporated
  • Livingston County Public Defender
  • Make the Road New York
  • Marsha P. Johnson Institute
  • The Micah Institute*
  • Monroe County Public Defender’s Office
  • Mothers of the Nations US
  • Mott Haven Reformed Church
  • Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
  • New Hour-Long Island
  • New York Civil Liberties Union
  • New York County Defender Services
  • New York Faith Leaders for Criminal Justice Reform*
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • New York State Defenders Association, Inc.
  • NJJN
  • NNLB United
  • NYC-DSA Religion & Socialism Working Group*
  • NYU Family Defense Clinic
  • Human Rights for Kids
  • It Could Happen To You
  • Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County Inc
  • Childrens Law Bureau
  • National Action Network
  • New Pride Agenda
  • Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center
  • Northside Center for Child Development
  • NYU Center on Race Inequality and the Law
  • Prophetic Whirlwind Ministries
  • Reform Alliance
  • Restorative Justice International
  • Rising Ground Inc
  • Onondaga County Assigned Counsel Program
  • Ontario County Office of the Conflict Defender
  • Ontario County Public Defender
  • Parent Legislative Action Network (PLAN)
  • Park Avenue Christian Church
  • Power Praise and Deliverance, Inc
  • Queens Defenders
  • Recovery House of Worship Brooklyn
  • Safe Horizon
  • Schenectady County Public Defender’s Office
  • Scientist Action and Advocacy Network
  • Seneca County Public Defender’s Office
  • Social Justice Network
  • St. John’s University School of Law Child Advocacy Clinic
  • Tompkins County Assigned Counsel
  • Trellis Community Development
  • United Missionary Baptist church
  • V-Day
  • Wayne County Public Defender
  • WCJA
  • Women’s Prison Association
  • Youth Defense Center, Inc.
  • Youth Law & Psychology Lab, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Youth Over Guns
  • Youth Power!
  • Youth Represent
  • Youth Over Guns
  • Youth Power!
  • Youth Represent
  • Societal Justice Interventions
  • Southern Tier Independence Center
  • Sullivan Trail Legal Society
  • The Ali Forney Center
  • The Bronx Parent Housing Network Inc
  • The Center for Fair Futures
  • The Center for Fair Futures Youth Advisory Board
  • The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice
  • The Rythym
  • Unlock the BarVisions to Opportunity
  • VOCALNY WESPAC Foundation Inc
  • Westchester Childrens Association
  • Youth Shelter of Westchester

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